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We are on both sides of the Atlantic ready to give you the best communication services

We are a professional team specialized in communication, cultural practices, mediation, with particular expertise between Bolivia and Europe. We operate on both sides of the Atlantic. We have not only obtained high degrees in communication, languages, social and cultural matters, but we have also lived and experienced different cultures ourselves which granted us a particular intercultural sensitivity.



The Netherlands

MSc. Languages & Culture – BSc. International Business Management

His inquisitive nature has made of him a multidisciplinary, polyglot professional and his very much Dutch adventurous mindset has taken him to live and work in several continents. Thus, his skills and knowledge range from engineering to international business management and linguistics.

He is especially fond of South America and has a flexible and practical approach to cultural matters. He is the best qualified link in Europe to introduce not only Bolivia but the Latin American culture to our clients. He will understand their needs and problems and will surely know how to solve them already from within Europe.

Languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese.



The Netherlands

PhD. Digital Culture. MSc. Leisure & Environments. MSc. Communications

Having a profound background in communication and sociology she knows how to connect two different cultures all the best. Born in Bolivia she has lived and studied in various countries of Europe. As a consequence she has become multilingual and can respond to you in your own language. Together with her curiosity and eagerness to learn new things it makes her an indispensable part in the link between Europe and Bolivia.

Her cultural awareness and expertise makes her the perfect partner to assist anyone who is interested in Bolivia for whatever reason. She has an extensive network of people throughout the country to provide the solution to any question.

Languages: Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch.


Our team in Bolivia:   

                                                                      idea-eslabonsur mas grandes-01

MSc. Monica Briançon               MSc. Daniela Balderrama


BSc. Claudia Herbas F.               Bsc. Sara Richter

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Bsc. Mariana Llobet                  MSc. BSc. Rosby Delgadillo G.


Bsc. Flavia Marta B.                   Bsc. Ivana Camargo O.


MSc. BSc. Victor Araníbar

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Cesare Patara