whipalaBolivia is located in the heart of South America. It is a country that combines tradition and modernity in a very unconventional way; the eclectic attitude towards life and the heterogeneity of its inhabitants and environment gives it the stamp of uniqueness.

Bolivia is a fascinating country to discover; “diversity” is the word that best describes this landlocked country in the heart of South America. It is a diverse country in terms of nature, people and customs; it is colorful, appealing and complex. For a foreigner who wishes to spend some time or the rest of his life in this place it is not easy to deal with this complexity. Bolivian cultural complexity needs to be translated, interpreted so the foreigner not only gets to know the country, but also learns how to deal with it, how to live in it. So we firmly believe that a real understanding, adaptation, integration and enjoyment of a new culture are only possible when expert lines of communication are open to assist the foreigner.

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